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"Any problem should be solved together"

September 21, Ural State University of Economics opened the Students' Club for People with Disabilities "We Are Together". The opening of the club took place within the framework of a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The idea was born in the USUE Association of Student Unions and the Department for Youth Policy.

A new professional sports ground began its work at USUE

September 20, 2017, Ural State University of Economics opened a stadium and a professional sports ground near the dormitories on Umeltsev Street. New sports facilities radiate youth, beauty, and strength; cultivate the desire to go in for sports and to study.

History and the subjunctive mood

September 15, the meeting of the Eurasian Research Institute of Man (ENIICH – Russian abbreviation) on the topic "History in the Subjunctive Mood: a Mind Game or a Method Of Investigation?" was held at Ural State University of Economics.

The traditional parade of Russian students united the whole country

In Yekaterinburg, a four-thousand parade of first-year students took place. All-Russian procession was supported by students of 18 universities of the city. A grandiose Matriculation ceremony united the whole country. Thirty nine cities participated in a teleconference with Yekaterinburg.

"If we join forces, our universities will become stringer and more interesting": USUE signed an agreement with USMU

Ural State University of Economics and Ural State Medical University signed an agreement on cooperation. The parties agreed to work together in the field of education and science, in areas of mutual interest in solving urgent problems of innovative development and competitiveness among the leading educational institutions.

Yakov Silin: "Without economists, financiers, accountants, and managers it is impossible to ensure high-quality uninterrupted operation of a Territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund”

Ural State University of Economics signed an agreement with the Territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund of the Sverdlovsk region (TCMIF). It was signed by the USUE Rector Yakov Silin and director of the Fund Valery Shelyakin.

Agreements on general principles of cooperation between youth scientific associations and small and medium-sized business associations

The chair of the USUE Council of Young Scientists Olga Ergunova and acting President of the Regional Association of Small-Scale and Medium Business Employers of the Sverdlovsk region Irina Romanova signed an agreement on the general principles of cooperation of youth scientific associations and associations of small and medium-sized businesses.

USUE has formed the first talent pipeline

September 13, Yakov Silin, Rector of Ural State University of Economics, met with USUE young scientists. During the meeting, they discussed current and important issues of the recruitment policy making, development of research activities, and summed up the preparatory work for the development of the University's scientific potential. The meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research Elena Dvoryadkina, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergey Rogozhin, chief adviser to the Rector's office Yevgeny Animitsa, and the head of the Human Resources Department Svetlana Dolzhenko.

Students will be able to confirm USUE qualification at the University

Ural State University of Economics and the Foundation for the Development of Qualifications and Competencies in the Urals region today signed an agreement on cooperation. The signatures were put by the Rector Yakov Silin and the president of the Foundation, a USUE graduate Alexey Lebedev.

Coordination meeting of USUE first-year students

August 26, Ural State University of Economics held a coordination meeting of first-year full-time bachelor’s students (students enrolled on state-funded and contractual places).

Textbook for universities «Enterprise Economics»

Ural State University of Economics issued a textbook for universities “Enterprise Economics" in the year of its 50th jubilee. This work is unique by the interaction of two universities – USUE, the Plekhanov RUE, and leading practitioners of a large employer - NPK Uralvagonzavod. The team of authors has enclosed in the book the experience accumulated for years of work. The richness of the data made it possible to build a practice-oriented system of knowledge, which will give the reader an opportunity to get a complete picture of an enterprise's economics.
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