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Nana Jean:
I came to Russia from Burkina Faso (a state in West Africa), where I graduated from the undergraduate faculty of economics. In USUE my study friends, besides, I know - it's one of the best economic universities. I will continue my studies here at the graduate school. In my homeland there are few good vacancies and without a solid education it would be difficult for me to find a worthy place.
Mohamed Ahmed Noureldin:
I was born in Egypt but finished school in Saudi Arabia. According to local laws, I cannot study at a university not being a citizen of this state. I have many friends in Russia, including in Yekaterinburg. Knowing that it is one of the best Russian cities, I decided that I want to study here. I read about local universities on the Internet. I realized that USUE is one of the most prestigious universities. I am going to study IT technologies here.
Diana Ren Akue Mesomo:
I'm from Gabon. I graduated from a bachelor's degree in one of the universities in Yekaterinburg and then decided to continue my education at USUE for master degree. I know that USUE is the best university among the economic universities in the Sverdlovsk region. My friends are studying here, some of them has already graduated, others returned to the home country, where they successfully build their career. By the way, happy to share that I received Russian Government Scholarship for international students and I am exempted from tuition fee at USUE. ​

Sifula Shakhmarov:

“I graduated from a technical school and decided to enter USUE to study Economic Security. Here, I can obtain higher education in just 2 years and 10 months. There is no such opportunity in other universities. I am sure that during this time I will receive high-quality and practice-oriented knowledge.”

Mochio Ngounoh Jean Junior:

“I am from the city of Nkongsamba in the Republic of Cameroon. I graduated from the Faculty of Pre-university Training for Foreign Citizens and now I enter the program in HR Management and Labor Economics at the Institute of Economics. Of course, I fret about the language barrier but the teachers here are very good. My homeland is a fresh ground for business and I want to develop it in the future, as there are not enough economists there”.

Tengku Oki Al Akbar
I am from Indonesia. In Yekaterinburg, I had already received my bachelorhood at another university but decided to enter the USUE postgraduate school. My research paper will be devoted to international logistics. A new transport channel will soon be opened in South-West Asia. I have already met with Professor Viktor Katachkov, who will supervise my research. He is nice.

Nuriddin Mirzoev  
I came from Tajikistan and I would like to master the area of jurisprudence specializing in Civil Law. I know that USUE is one of the best economic universities in the country, which cooperates with many universities in Europe. In the future, I would like to live and work in some European country.

Salifu Kamara
My brother and I came from Guinea. We will together specialize in Mathematical Software and Administration of Information Systems.  One more our brother studies at USUE. He said that everybody here was attentive to foreign students and helped them in everything. It is great that we are together again!

Adam Ndyai​:

I am 26 years old, I'm from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. I graduated from the preparatory faculty of USUE. I want to thank my teacher who worked with me. The Russian Language is very difficult, but I could call or write with any question at any time and she helped me. I made a lot of friends here and decided to apply for a bachelor degree in information security.

Dias Yelemesov:

“I'm from Petropavlovsk, where I graduated from the school of aesthetic education. Once teachers from USUE visited our school. In addition, later I got acquainted with the students from this university. I was choosing between Tyumen and Yekaterinburg for some time. Eventually, I decided to apply at USUE. I want to enroll for "Quality Management" study program and receive a scholarship."

Meljen Botiohune

I am from Cameroon, it is a Republic in Central Africa. I am going to study at USUE for a programmer. My friend is studying here and he advised this university to me. He said that USUE provides high-quality education, all departments pay much attention to foreign students, also he praised local professors.​ A lot of guys from my homeland are coming to study in Russia now, they choose USUE to study at also.​

Hurmat Babekov:

“I'm from Turkmenistan. My father lives and works in Yekaterinburg. So he recommended me USUE to study at. I entered the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens, where I was studying for seven months. I decided that I want to continue studying at this university. I apply to bachelor program in Trade because I want to help my father in his business. I clearly know what I want to achieve in life. ”​

Wellinton Livingston

I'm from Liberia, it is the country in Western Africa.  I graduated from the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Citizens of the USUE, and I am applying for the bachelor program in programming. Such specialists are in high demand in our country's industrial sector.  
My friends study at USUE. I'm sure that it is easy to overcome the language barrier here. I've been told that lectors at USUE are attentive to foreign students and help them not only in educational matters.

Gbilimou Herve Antoine:
“I came here from Guinea. I studied at the USUE faculty of pre-university training for foreign citizens and now I am going to enter the bachelor's program at the Institute of Economics. In our country, there are not enough specialists in economics. Besides, my uncle graduated from this University and is now earning a comfortable living at home. It was he who influenced my choice. At the preparatory faculty, I found many friends and realized that I was right to come I here. I like the attitude of teachers to foreign students.”

N'guessan Dibbykan Larissa Simone:

“I am from African Republic of Cote d'Ivoire. I received my first higher education in Krasnodar. I studied Oil and Gas Business there for seven years, and then during two years I mastered the profession of light industry technologist at postgraduate school in Makhachkala. Now I will study chemical sciences in postgraduate school of USUE. My friends from my native country study here, and they recommended this university to me. They said that everybody here was so good towards foreign students.”

Reception campaign - 2019 in USUE is in full swing! Applicants traveling to Yekaterinburg from all over Russia and other countries. Each of them with its own history and purpose. Someone had just graduated from high school, and someone has been working in the specialty, and wants to get a second degree. These guys are united by a desire to study in USUE. Who are they - the new faces of the Ural State University of Economics?

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