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Press release




Department Chair: Elena Nikolaevna Makarova

Phone:  +7 (343) 221-27-18

E-mail: makaren@usue.ruus-delinyaz@usue.ru 


Since 1998, the Department of Business Foreign Language has been training students in the main foreign language (English, German, and French) and the second foreign language (English, German, French, Chinese, Italian and Spanish). High level of qualification of graduates is facilitated by both the knowledge of foreign languages and knowledge in the field of intercultural communication. The department has developed and delivers a unique course of lectures on the discipline "Intercultural Communications in Business" in three foreign languages.

The department prepares bachelors and masters with knowledge of foreign languages for working in foreign economic bodies, foreign trade enterprises, international departments of banks, financial organizations, etc.

Teachers of the Department of Business Foreign Language work within the program of additional qualification “Translator in the Field of Professional Communication”.

The department has partner relations with the teams of the friendly departments of foreign languages of Yekaterinburg universities: USMU, USPU, Ural Institute of Management (branch of RANEPA), Institute of International Relations, University for Humanities, UrSU, and Eurasian Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, and Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law. The staff of the department closely interacts with the leading British publishing house Macmillan: in 2014 two international scientific and practical conferences were held - "Modern Trends in Teaching English to Bachelors and Masters" and "From Practice In Auditorium To Success In Life".

Teachers of the department regularly discuss the use of electronic educational resources in teaching with representatives of the publishing houses. The department participates in the organization of international scientific and practical events. In April 2015, the grand opening and plenary meeting of the international conference of the National Association of English Teachers "Inspire and Aspire: Towards NEW Teaching Horizons" was held at USUE.

Every year they hold student scientific conferences in foreign languages. Together with degree-offering departments, the teachers of the Department of Business Foreign Language participate in the preparation of student roundtables, open discussions and debates.

The members of the department are engaged in research within the framework of the initiative state budget research project "Humanization of Higher Economic Education through a Business Foreign Language in the Aspect of Intercultural Communication". The research areas of the department are linguistics, pedagogy, sociology of higher education, as well as the methodology of teaching foreign languages at universities.

The department runs a scientific and methodological workshop "Modern Trends in the Development of University Science: Linguistics, Teaching Methods, Sociology, and Economics".

Teachers of the department publish the results of the conducted scientific research in the collections of research papers included in the list of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) and in the RINC-indexed editions.

Since 2013, the department has been closely cooperating with the Department of Russian Language and Culture at the Máximo Gómez Baez University in Ciego de Ávila (Cuba). The result of such cooperation is the publication of articles written by teachers of the department in international scientific collections issued by the publishing house of the Cuban university. Cuban colleagues presented their publications in the collection of interregional interuniversity scientific and methodological conference "Linguistic and Methodological Readings", timed to the V Eurasian Economic Youth Forum (2014).

Scientific achievements of the department members are presented in reports at conferences of different levels, including all-Russian and international ones.

The department invites specialists from abroad for teaching foreign languages. In 2014-2015, classes in English in groups of bachelor's and master's students were conducted by a US teacher Melissa Hauk.

In the 2015-2016, the department employed a teacher from France Gerard De Negri, teaching English and French to bachelor's students majoring in international management.

In addition to teaching, members of the department regularly render interpreting and translating services for events of various levels, including those held at the International Exhibition Center Yekaterinburg EXPO.

Teachers of the department take part in university-wide career guidance events as part of cooperation with the Department of Pre-University Training.