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Department Chair:  Sergey Leonidovich Kropotov

Phone: +7 (343) 221-27-11



The department has been conducting educational activities since 1968.

Educational, scientific, and methodical work is organized in the following areas:

  • Philosophy
  • History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Culturology
  • Business Ethics, Business Communication
  • Writing and Thinking.

The teachers offer 20 training courses and special courses for students of bachelor's and master's programs, shortened programs, distance learning center, further professional and business education.

Among the special courses and elective courses one can find “Rhetoric” (Prof. V. Rusakov ), "Culture of Speech" (Prof. V. Rusakov, Ass. Prof. R. Zainetdinova, Ass.Prof. Yu.Tolkachev), "Business Communications" (Ass.Prof. Yu.Tolkachev), "Logic" (Ass.Prof. L. Epina, E. Atmanskikh ), "Business Communication" (Ass. Prof. A. Romanov, Ass. Prof. Yu. Tolkachev), "Culture of Speech and Business Communication" (Prof. V. Rusakov, Prof. A. Matveeva, Ass.Prof. Yu. Tolkachev), "Business Ethics" (Ass.Prof. Yu. Tolkachev), "Ethics of Business Relations" (Ass.Prof. R. Zaynetdinova, Prof. A. Matveeva), "Culture of Family Relations" (Ass.Prof. T. Rybchenko), "World Culture and Art" (Ass.Prof L. Epina), "The History of Styles and Movements in Art" (Ass.Prof. E. Atmanskikh), "Religious Studies" (Ass. Prof. A. Romanov), "Fundamentals of Philosophy" for College students (Ass.Prof. L. Epina, Ass.Prof. R. Zainetdinova, Ass. Prof. A. Romanov, Ass.Prof. A. Sarapultseva, Assistant Lecturer M.Kladov), for master's students and postgraduates - "Philosophical Problems of Science and Technology" (Prof. Egorov, Ass.Prof. L. Epina, Prof. A. Matveeva).

Research area of the Department of Philosophy

For several years the staff of the department has been researching into the topic "Problems of Humanization of Sociality: People, Social Relations, and Culture", which unites two scientific schools – one headed by Professor Yu. Saranchin, Doctor of Philosophy, ("Eurasianism and Russian Studies in the Context of Globalization"), and the other headed by Professor V. Egorov, Doctor of Philosophy, ("Visual and Sensual Images in the Mentality of Society"). In total, 7 conferences were held on these topics, accompanied by the publication of 7 conference information packages.

Currently, within the framework of a broad traditional scientific trend, the following subareas have been updated:

  • "Eurasian Studies";
  • "Humanitarian Urbanistics in Conditions of Post-Industrial Transit";
  • "Philosophy of Education: Concepts, Strategies and Practices".

Goals of research:

  1. To show the expansion of competition and market laws' operation to education and culture, and to transformation of human subjectivity;
  2. To consider the dialectic of stability / instability of educational and cultural institutions; managerial, ideological, and communicative technologies for the elimination of emerging contradictions;
  3. To assess cognitive, critical and heuristic potential of Eurasian concepts for describing and overcoming the uneven development of regions, cities, "strong" and "weak" entities and institutions in the post-Soviet space.

The department provides analytical, methodological and organizational support of the work of Eurasian Research Institute of Man headed by Valery Chereshnev, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Eurasian Research Institute of Man, a member of the Presidium of RAS and the Ural Branch of RAS, Director of the Institute of Immunology and Physiology under Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, chairman of the Committee on Science and High Technology of the RF State Duma, and by Professor Yakov Silin, vice-president of Eurasian Research Institute of Man, Rector of Ural State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics.