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Press release



Department Chair: Aleksei Yurievich Ryabtsev

Phone: +7 (343) 221-27-53

E-mail: ment@usue.ru

The USUE Department of Management was established in 1992. It provides training for bachelor's and master's students in the area of "Management"; for post-graduate and doctoral students in the scientific specialty "Economics and Management of National Economy". The annual recruitment of students for all forms of education is about 250 persons. The department staff is of 26 faculty members, including 4 doctors of science, 3 professors, and 16 candidates of science (PhD) and associate professors.

The department mission is to train managers for Russian enterprises in various fields of activity having necessary competencies, strong analytical fundamentals and leadership skills, experience in project implementation and teamwork skills that enable them to promote competitiveness of companies and the country in the innovative economy of the 21st century.

In a new economic environment, a manager of any level must have sufficient erudition in a wide field of knowledge that is the essence of practical management.

USUE curricula for training bachelors and masters of management include all elements of enterprise management, which will allow the graduates to successfully realize their potential as mid- and top-level managers.

Graduates of the Department of Management successfully move up the career ladder and work as managers of operational divisions, project managers, managers in organizations of various types and forms of ownership.

Competitive advantages of the department are:

1) high-quality universal education in the field of management and economics;

2) acquisition of proficiency in the areas of HR management, strategic management, business planning, anti-crisis management, international management, etc.;

3) in-depth study of a business foreign language through the extensive use of information and communication technologies throughout the training period.

The department successfully cooperates with the majority of key employers of the Sverdlovsk region. Leading recruitment officers from such companies as "Jewelers of the Urals", VEP Agency, Rostelecom, OOO Restoratia invite students to work and undertake internship.

Prospective employers are:

Department of Public Order, Sverdlovsk region

ZAO “VTB-24”

ОАО “Zhirovoy Combinat”

ООО "Ural Mebelnaya Compania"

ОАО “Urals Bank for Reconstruction and Development”

OJSC Vuz Bank

ZAO “Ural-Siberian Industrial Company”

ООО "Element-Trade" (Monetka)

ZAO Megamart

ОАО Sberbank of Russia

ООО "Caterinburg"

Commodity Market Committee of Yekaterinburg Administration

ZAO “Katav-Ivanovsky Varnish-and-Paint Plant" (Chelyabinsk region.)

ООО "Driver"

ОАО "Kirov Machine-building Plant"

ООО "Vneshkomplektatcia"

ООО "Zarechny"

ООО "RosSpetsStroy"

ООО "Housing management company "YAVA"


OOO MetallKomplektatsia (Metal Supply)

ООО "Profi Plus"

ООО "Medical Company"