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Press release



Department Сhair:  Lyudmila Gennadievna Protasova

Phone: +7 (343) 251-96-82

E-mail: ukpt@usue.ru


The mission of the department is to train a new generation of managers who are able to create a system, manage processes, work in a team, establish responsibility and cooperation, delegate authority, take a real delight in their work and make an enterprise successful.

For training and retraining of specialists in the field of quality, in 2002 at Ural State University of Economics, the Department of Quality Management was established. The founder of the department was Professor Galina Ryzhenko, Doctor of Economics. Since 2007, the chair of the Department of Quality Management is Professor Lyudmila Protasova, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Area of training: Quality management


  • Quality management in the sphere of life and services
  • Quality management in production and technological systems
  • Quality management in logistics.

Additional qualification: Internal QMS auditor

List of disciplines

Students study such disciplines as "Information support, databases", "Information technologies in quality management and information protection", "Information brand management", "Quality audit", "Integrated management systems", "Competitiveness of goods and services", "Consulting in quality management "," General quality management "," Security management ", "Quality management in education", "Management and marketing ", " Methods and means of measurement, testing and control", "Metrology, standardization and certification", "Quality assurance principles", "Certification testing and examination of goods", "Certification of quality systems", "Computer networks and communication media", "Tools and methods for quality management", "Statistical methods," "Strategic and innovative management", "Technology and organization of production and services”, “Quality management in service sector”, and “Process management”.

A Bachelor in Quality Management possesses:

  • Theory and methodology of universal quality management and their basic principles and can apply them in practice;
  • System of in-depth knowledge, qualities of a modern leader;
  • Corporate culture of thinking;
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of production relations and management principles, taking into account technical, financial and human factors;
  • Main tools for planning, ensuring, managing and improving quality;
  • Methods of auditing;
  • Computer methods of information collecting, storing and processing.

A Bachelor in Quality Management can:

  • Correctly (logically ) formalize results, make informed, evidence-based conclusions;
  • Organize their labor on a scientific basis;
  • Correctly formulate goals, tasks (problems) of activity (project, research), establish relationships;
  • Analyze the causes of defects and poor quality production, work out preventive measures;
  • Formulate strategy, policy, and objectives in the field of quality;
  • Carry out corrective and preventive measures aimed at improving quality;
  • Develop partnerships with consumers and suppliers

Our slogan is "A decent quality of life is our goal!"

Research areas of the department:

  • "Reserves and mechanisms to improve the quality of goods and services,
  • "Comprehensive program of professional training and retraining of personnel at all levels for trade enterprises"
  • "Feasibility study for a business plan on the design and construction of a complex for storage and processing of agricultural products (vegetables) in the Nizhneserginsky district of the Sverdlovsk region."

The department concluded agreements on cooperation and internships with the Commodity Market Committee of Yekaterinburg, Uraltest, and inter-regional marketing center "Yekaterinburg-Moscow". The department also cooperates with such enterprises as OOO Palmetta, Yekaterinburg; OJSC "Seversky Pipe Plant", Polevskoy; OJSC "Ural Instrument Engineering Plant", Yekaterinburg; OAO "Ceramic Articles Plant", Yekaterinburg; OOO "Molochny Kit Company", Polevskoy, and others.

Our graduates work for trade and industrial companies and holdings, trade networks, executive bodies, innovative organizations, scientific institutions, quality departments, quality management services, and quality management system departments.

Significant projects of city , national, and global scale:

“Development of the Quality Management System for USUE”

"Feasibility Study for a Business Plan on the Design and Construction of a Complex for Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products (Vegetables) in the Nizhneserginsky District of the Sverdlovsk Region."