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Association Of Creative Unioins

The Association of Creative Unions is a voluntary association of different groups at the USUE Recreation Center.


Open studio theater – O.S.T. 

The name determines the characteristics of the theater. "Open" means that we are open to new people, ideas, and experiments. "Studio" means that our theater regularly conducts classes in acting and scenic speech. "Theater" means that we show plays, performances, sketches on the stage of the Recreation Center and other venues of the city, visit theatrical festivals and go on tours. For 13 years of existence, O.S.T. is a multiple winner of Russian and international festivals. In the repertoire of the theater, there are such well-known performances as "Rezo", "Marina Tsvetaeva. Things that passed", "Faryatyev's Fantasy , "We", "Match Factory", "Alisa", "Ala-ad-Din", and others. An actor in our theater is more than just an actor: he or she is an artist, a property master, an assembler, a director, a composer, a playwright, and even a little philosopher. Generally speaking, everyone is doing whatever he can! Come to us, if you wish to unlock creativity and imagination!


Cheer-dance-show “ReActive” 

In Russia, cheerleading exists since 1996 and now is an official sport.

At USUE a cheerleading team appeared 6 years ago. The team "ReActive" participated in many cheerleading competitions in the categories "cheer-mix", "group stunts mix", "partner stunts" and has a number of awards.

Since 2012, the team is coached by Ksenia Levina (a participant of the support group "Bagira" in Moscow, a three-time champion of Russia in cheerleading).

In September 2013, a new team of the cheer-dance-show was gathered, which today consists of girls and is called "Reactive Girls". The team already participates in various competitions and takes an active part in the events of the city and the region. They are invited to grace with enchanting and incendiary numbers sporting events in Yekaterinburg, Pervouralsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and then some! We work with many well-known companies: Ural Airlines, Coca-Cola, hockey club Avtomobilist.

In 2014, the team won the title "Champions of the Urals and Siberia" in the category of cheer-dance-show at the competitions in sports cheerleading, which was a great incentive to win in the future!


Vocal ensemble "CAPRICE"

Artistic director - Ksenia Yakhnova, concertmaster - Maria Aranbitskaya.

The group was created in January 2016 at the USUE Recreation Center.

The name of the group originates from the French word "caprice". Initially, "caprice" is an instrumental play of a fanciful character with a bright change of images and moods (the most famous caprices for violin belong to N. Paganini). This name of the vocal ensemble indicates the breadth of the themes and scenic images, as well as the diversity of the performing repertoire. In the repertoire of the ensemble, there are musical compositions of various musical epochs and styles - from classics to contemporary composers, music of the peoples of the world in various languages, interesting arrangements of popular Russian songs.

The ensemble consists of 8-12 participants - USUE students and graduates.

The ensemble members have the opportunity:

* to develop their creativity;

* to master vocal skills;

* to become acquainted with interesting music of different styles and genres;

* to participate in various artistic events of the university;

* to take part in concerts, festivals and competitions outside the University.

At present, the group seeks new members and invites USUE students of any course and faculty for co-creation!


Oriental dance studio "Arabica"

Oriental dances are grace, plastics, endless femininity and mystery. Eastern dances suggest not just dance movements but a culture that incorporates the traditions of the East to be learned step by step.

The team was established in March 2011 but despite the young age, it has already achieved tremendous success having become a multiple laureate of dance festivals and competitions. The work of the team is organized in different Belly Dance trends and every performance is fascinating, enthusing its viewers. Oriental dance studio "Arabica" is waiting for new talents!


Dance team "Divas"

Once upon a time, some wonderful creatures appeared on the earth. Wild, free, sometimes even marvelous, and at the same time, deep, delicate and unspeakably amazing ... They were so called - Divas.

The team was organized in 2011, positioning itself as a language of special beauty. It could not be just heard but rather seen and admired, plunging into another world. It was a Dance. Their dance is a gulp of something new. Something that is hidden deep inside you.

Dance is an opportunity to become different for a while...


Dance hip-hop team "WHATzzUP?"

The dancing hip-hop team "WHATzzUP?" was composed of USUE talented students in 2013, and officially is a branch of one of the best dance schools in Yekaterinburg - Da BOOM Dance School. The choreographer of the team, Anastasia Semina, is a prize-winner of numerous hip-hop battles of Russia, a participant and prize-winner of Russian and world championships in the Da BOOM CREW team.

The team studies and dances in street dance styles, such as hip-hop, popping, house, and locking. The goal of this amicable team is the development of dance hip-hop culture with their performances and participation in regional and interregional championships. The awards of the team are III and I places in the nomination "Freestyle" of Ural Student Spring 2014 and 2015, III place in the nomination Street Show, category Adults of the Dance Championship IDD 2014, III place in the nomination Street Show "Amateurs" of MEGAPOLIS DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2015.


Show-ballet "MOLOKO"

This dancing season, the show-ballet "MOLOKO" celebrates its fifth anniversary!

In addition to creating individual images with colorful costumes and unforgettable numbers, the creative team organizes its projects: "Milky Nights" - a series of author's parties, as well as a whole dance show "SVADBISHCHE" (=WEDDING). A diverse repertoire of the team allows participating in all activities of the university and on the different venues of the city and the region.


Dance group "Prestige"

The team began its existence in 2008 and works in pop, contemporary,jazz and stylized folk genres.

The dance group "Prestige" actively participates in the concert life of Ural State University of Economics both within the walls of the University and on the best venues of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region and other regions of Russia.

For the years of its existence, the team met with recognition from the dancing environment and became the laureates of various festivals and competitions, among them: Ural Student's Spring, Dance Exclusive, Open Yourself to the World, and Kontur.


USUE studio of vocal

Each person's voice is unique. To learn how to manage it, to discover the potential given by nature, to develop a musical ear, to feel music and immerse in it: these tasks are set for the students of the USUE vocal studio.

Within the walls of the studio, students have the opportunity to work on the technical aspect (the formation of the singing instrument - the voice) and on the stylistic one (the education of taste and the feeling of beauty) manifested while playing music.

Students of the vocal studio regularly participate in university activities, take prizes in vocal competitions, and graced various festive events in the city with their numbers.

Classes are held both in a group and individually.

Page IN VK

Vocal studio of the Association of International Students "AIS" 

The team was established in 2016. Our girls, when they came to Russia from Equatorial Guinea, did not know the Russian language at all but this did not stop them from studying and performing Russian songs. Each member of the team is unique in her own way, all have different characters and views but despite this, we work very well together. Although our group was created quite recently, the girls are already making great strides and showing promise for further fruitful work. We would also be happy to welcome young men with good voices, interesting ideas and a desire to perform on stage


STAXX dance team

STAXX is a dance team, created in the summer of 2015 and united representatives of the USUE four students' core groups. The team joins dancers of different trends: Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk, House, Jamping, Vogue, Break-Dance, pop, folk and ballroom dances.

STAXX is a team that does not recognize the limits of possibilities and limitations in styles!



The project is a universal tool for the preparation of beauty contest participants, aimed at developing the personal qualities of students, revealing their creativity, as well as strengthening the concepts of women's beauty and morality in society. All wishing students of different years of study and various specialties can become participants of the competition having successfully passed the casting.

The final show is preceded by the educational part, "School of Miss USUE", lasting six months. Based on the results of the School and taking into account individual achievements of participants and scored points for the contest stages, the finalists are selected who will compete for the main title "Miss USUE". Annually, the competition ends with a thematic, bright and colorful final show, where with the collegial decision of the jury the main beauty is selected.


School of Masters of Ceremonies

A new and interesting project for everyone who wants to take the stage, to hold a microphone, to speak to viewers and to be in the center of events of various formats and scale. In the classroom, participants acquire the skills of public speaking, acting, oratory, and, of course, they try themselves as masters at university events and city venues.