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Recreation center

The USUE Recreation Center is a platform that promotes development of creativity of  the University and College students in various areas: choreography, vocal singing, theater, and oratory.

In the Recreation Center, there are 13 on-stage performance groups:

  • Dance group "Prestige"
  • Show-ballet "MOLOKO"
  • Oriental dance studio "Arabica"
  • Dance project "Divas"
  • Dance team STAXX
  • Cheer-dance show "Reactive Girls";
  • Hip-hop command "WhatzzUP CREW"
  • Open studio theater "O.S.T."
  • Vocal studio
  • Vocal ensemble "KAPRIS"
  • School of Masters of Ceremonies
  • Vocal studio of the Association of foreign students "AIS"
  • "MISS USUE".

Detailed information

A multifunctional hall for 730 seats is equipped with modern sound and multimedia facilities, ventilation and heating systems. The area of the Recreation Center is divided into a hall and a spacious foyer, which is convenient for holding large events. There are separate rooms for organizers and actors (make-up rooms).

A wide range of services of the Recreation Center will easily help in organizing business meetings, training seminars, and conferences. Details of the Recreation Center’s capabilities can be found below, and by clicking on the link.


Director of the USUE Recreation Center – Ekaterina Butakova

Phone: +7 (343) 221-17-03

E-mail: d_k@usue.ru

The list of Center’s services are given below.

Events and projects organized by the recreation center:

Festival of student life "93 DAY OF SUMMER"

The festival is held annually on September 1, marking the beginning of the academic year, as well as opening a set of events "The Fresher‘s Week." The main objectives of the festival are the development of cultural interest among young people and their involvement in creative activities and sports, promotion of healthy lifestyles, creation and strengthening extracurricular activities of the University, and better adaptation of freshers in a new social environment.

The festival is held both in the premises of the Recreation Center of the University and in the Open Air format in the courtyard of the University with participation of music and creative teams of the city and the region, with interactive interests-based sites, with a full infrastructure for a comfortable stay at the venue of the festival, including the food court zone.

"93 DAY OF SUMMER" is a bright and active start for expressing the creativity of young people.

The Fresher’s Day

It is a key event for all University students where first-year students could disclose their creative potential, developing and implementing ideas for the presentation of their Institutes in the context of the given topic of the event, with the stage performance of musical and dance numbers.

The event is organized as a competition between the University Institutes with the invitation of jury members, who choose the winner and distribute nominations. The holiday is aimed at the realization of creativity and speed-up of social and cultural adaptation in the University.

Amateur concert party of Recreation Center’s creative teams

The project was first implemented in 2015, marking the concert season opening. Its participants are on-stage performance groups of the Recreation Center. In the framework of the project, joint numbers of dance and vocal groups are staged as well as new individual performances.

The whole program is united by a single topic that results in a heartwarming concert. Such a concert also closes the season, summarizing the work of the Recreation Center’s teams for the year.

New Year performances for children

The initiator of the project is the team of Open Studio Theater "O.S.T." The main goal of the project is to make social work both of the University and the family more significant. Performances are held annually for children of different age groups: up to 6 years and from 6 to 14 years.

Each of them consists of a performance and interactive games with children depending on their age. Traditional participants of the event are Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, the main symbols of the coming year, and sweet gifts to children. For students, performances are a credit unit, summing up the results for the period of study.

Pancake Week festivities

These are student festivities in the Russian style, Russian mass games and contests, gastronomic competitions, traditional burning of a stuffed figure of winter, and full immersion in the atmosphere of national traditions of Russian festivals! The event is aimed at raising the cultural level of youth, increasing interest in Russian traditions and culture of Russia as a whole, maintaining national and cultural values in the student environment, and promoting healthy lifestyle.


The project is a universal tool for the preparation of beauty contest participants, aimed at developing the personal qualities of students, revealing their creativity, as well as strengthening the concepts of women's beauty and morality in society. All wishing students of different years of study and various specialties can become participants of the competition having successfully passed the casting.

The final show is preceded by the educational part, "School of Miss USUE", lasting six months. Based on the results of the School and taking into account individual achievements of participants and scored points for the contest stages, the finalists are selected who will compete for the main title "Miss USUE". Annually, the competition ends with a thematic, bright and colorful final show, where with the collegial decision of the jury the main beauty is selected.

Victory WALTZ action

"Victory Waltz" is a unique project dedicated to a significant and bright national holiday for millions of people regardless of their country of residence, religion, and political views - Victory Day.

Students from Russia and CSTO countries take part in the "Victory Waltz". Dance couples, dressed in the style of the 40s of the XX century, gather and waltz to the melodies of the war years, as once in the distant May 9, 1945, their grandparents waltzed.

The project is aimed at fostering patriotic feelings, motivating the study of historical and cultural heritage, preservation of cultural and moral values and spiritual unity of Russia with the CSTO countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan).

School of Masters of Ceremonies

A new and interesting project for everyone who wants to take the stage, to hold a microphone, to speak to viewers and to be in the center of events of various formats and scale. In the classroom, participants acquire the skills of public speaking, acting, oratory, and, of course, they try themselves as masters at university events and city venues.