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Patriotic upbringing

Along with vigorous international activity, Ural State University of Economics does not forget about general cultural values. The patriotic education in the youth environment is one of the priority vectors for the University development. The University staff set a goal to form high social activity, to implant civil responsibility and spirituality to students.

The University is conducting dissemination of achievements of Russian science, culture and statehood, national sports, exploits of Fatherland defenders, and state symbols. The University hosts large-scale events, timed to the state holidays and memorable dates in the national history. In Yekaterinburg, in honor of the Victory Day, an open climbing tournament among young people was held. Every year, various events dedicated to the International Day for the Elderly are organized. In 2014, the search group “Honor and Memory”  resumed its activity at USUE.

Students are involved in various patriotic actions, including the St. George Ribbon, the Candle of Memory (a set of events for the Day of Unknown Soldier), constant visits of the search group "Honor and Memory" to schools in Yekaterinburg, and others.

In May 2014, Ural State University of Economics and the "Eurasians - New Wave" Foundation put forward an initiative and created the Eurasian search movement "Until the Last Soldier" under the aegis of the University League of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

In summer 2014 as part of the Eurasian search movement "Until the Last Soldier", the search group of Ural State University of Economics went to the "Memory Vigil", the result of which were the recovered and reburied remains of 106 soldiers, found belongings of seven soldiers and two dog tags.

Thematic photo exhibitions and mobile expositions have become traditional. For example, from the end of February to the middle of April, everyone could visit the photo exhibition by Afghanistan soldiers on display at USUE, on June 9, 2014, a photo exhibition "Neither Prescription, Nor Oblivion. Based on the materials of the Nuremberg Trials ", and on October 27, 2014, an exhibition dedicated to the First World War were opened.

In addition, USUE hosts roundtables and conferences touching on hot issues resonating with history and finding public response at the present time: the youth-and-veteran forum "Star Bridge of Victory!", a meeting of discussion clubs - the Yekaterinburg branch of the Political Action Club "November 4 ", the Center for Social-Conservative Policy - Ural, and the State Patriotic Club – Ural - timed to the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan; the roundtable of the Eurasian Research Institute of Man "International and Patriotic Education in the System of Strengthening the Unity of Citizens of the Country", etc. 

Students of the University take part in patriotic events both within the walls of the University and beyond. 

It is especially pleasant that the University receives thanks from troop commands for the implanted sense of patriotism in its graduates. One of these students was Alexander Pirozhok.

Timed to 70th anniversary of Great Victory, K.V. Yakimov collected a unique material, which was issued under the title "Heavy Bread of Soldier's Roads: Military Cuisine of the Great Patriotic War."

Participants from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan - in total about 50 thousand people - joined the action "Victory Waltz". The action was supported not only by residents of different countries and cities but also by well-known public figures, among them a cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Sergei Revin and one of the most popular pianists of the day, People's Artist of Russia Denis Matsuev.

The venues of the action were cities famous for their heroic defense and home-front labor during the Great Patriotic War, as well as settlements that readily joined the action.

The company "Studio-41" became the co-organizer of the action in Yekaterinburg. In the capital of the Urals, the action began on May 9, 2015 at 12:00 on the dam of the city pond, and in spite of bad weather, it gathered three thousand people. Among those who wanted to participate in the "Victory Waltz" were not only those who regularly attended rehearsals but also those who tried themselves in dancing for the first time. The first to waltz were those who almost three months together with professionals practiced dance movements. After that, the organizers invited everybody to dance. The couples waltzed to the accompaniment of the orchestra, performing music compositions of the military and post-war years. At the end of the Waltz, the participants of the flashmob lined up in the word "THANKS!" in recognition of the Victory.

Patriotism is a feeling, a mentality, and without this, any conversations about upbringing and education do not make sense. Upon that, a process of upbringing should have a feedback. The issue of young people upbringing always comes first but we need to cultivate a sense of patriotism in the educators themselves. Only through good upbringing, a good specialist can be grown.