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Student Brigades At The Headquarters Of The Sverdlovsk Region

Student brigade of train hosts "Hellas"

The student brigade of train hosts "Hellas" was founded on April 17, 1977, at the Finance Department of the Sverdlovsk Institute of National Economy. This imposing and beautiful name was chosen for good reason. Hellas means Ancient Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, where the strongest of the strongest were revealed.

The brigade has many achievements. In 1995, 1996, 1998 and in 2001 "Hellas" was recognized as the Brigade of the Year among the brigades included in the united regional transport team "Express". In 1987, 1989, 1990, 2006, 2013 "Hellas" becomes the winner of the "Express" in the nomination "The Best brigade for Safety Engineering". In 1993, 2000, 2012, 2014, the brigade becomes the best in the passenger service culture. In 1997-1998, 20114-2015 the brigade was recognized as the best for the preparatory period. In 1983, Hellas was named after the 20th anniversary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Student Brigade.

In 1983, Hellas became the first brigade of voluntary labor in the "Express" and worked in this capacity for seven consecutive years. The members of the brigade donated their earned money to Sredneuralsk boarding school № 3.

If you want to have fun, participate in various competitions (sporting, dancing, and creativity contests), like to travel, and would like to earn a little in summer (from 60000 rubles for 2.5 months), we are waiting for you!

Commander: Natalia Vlasova.

Commissioner: Irina Sonina.


Student pedagogical brigade “Aquamarine”

You would ask what the student pedagogical brigade "Aquamarine" is. And we will answer you with ease!

You cannot sit still? It is boring for you just to go to the sea in summer? You sing and dance, even if you do not know how to do it but you really love? You adore children and are ready to give them fun, joy and care?

If you answered "Yes" to all these questions, we congratulate you: you perfectly understand what Aquamarine is! And if not to all, there is a chance to get to know us better!

We are waiting for you and your friends to give you a flood of positive emotions and endless energy in a warm and friendly atmosphere, because we are all like one family.

Would you like to mark a place for yourself in the history books? Do come and be a part of the first pedagogical brigade of USUE!

Commander: Natalia Baranova

Commissioner: Darya Meshavkina


Student pedagogical brigade “Forsazh"

The bright and ambitious student pedagogical brigade "Forsazh" joined the ranks of the student brigades not so long ago, namely on January 14, 2015. However, despite such a young age, the candidates and members of the student brigade "Forsazh" simply adore working with children; they organize city camps at USUE, the largest of which is the summer vocational training camp "Eurasian Session of High School Seniors".

For any pedagogical brigade the summer period is one of the most important stages, and Forsazh is no exception. The brigade has worked summer sessions in the health and fitness center "Gagarinsky" and now can easily make a declaration of mutual love and affection to the Pervouralsk camp. Forsazh is gaining speed and has no plans to slow down for many, many years ahead.

Commander: Alexander Tretyakov

Commissioner: Anna Bannikova


Student construction brigade “Molot”

Do not miss your chance to find a job for summer and get a decent salary for your work. In addition, becoming a part of the construction brigade of the University you will gain professional skills, the opportunity to work as a handyman, engineer or manager, to see different cities of our country, to become part of a large and friendly family of builders, to repeat the glorious path of many well-known Uralians. And as a bonus, the University will credit your work in the brigade for job training.

СThe student construction brigade “Molot" will give an opportunity for constant live communication, self-development, teach everyone to make everything in time, to turn around in life, to think outside the box and to think creatively. Members of brigade participate in different sporting and creativity interbrigade competitions. During the academic year, there are various side jobs, which are an excellent bonus for students. Then, after the summer session is over, the brigade leaves for the virgin land. You will have the opportunity to visit all-Russian construction sites, from Yamal to Vladivostok, as well as at the cosmodrome and other interesting sites.

Commander: Sergey Demchenko