What are the latest trends in marketing and advertising today?

The 9th Week of Marketing and Advertising-2019 has started at Ural State University of Economics.  

The annual event brings together leading practitioners and employers, as well as the best graduates of the USUE Department of Marketing and International Management. They will share their experiences with students and will characterize new trends in their field.

The program of events is timed to coincide with two professional holidays: the Advertiser Day and Marketer Day. It runs from October 19 to October 31 and consists of educational, scientific and professional blocks.
For example, the educational block includes master-classes by renowned practitioners in marketing and advertising.
Science at the Week of Marketing and Advertising is presented by the 7th All-Russia student scientific and practical conference “MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING - CHALLENGES OF THE 21st CENTURY” and will be held on October 29, 2019.

The 9th Week of Marketing and Advertising-2019 has started at Ural State University of Economics.

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