Internship for students abroad!

USUE students are offered internships abroad: in Vietnam, Germany, France.

Internship of USUE students in Vietnam will be held at Hanoi University. The University offers students to expand their knowledge in several areas of training: business management, tourism, finance and banking, accounting, and information technologies.


Training under grant at
the University of Dunaújváros (Dunaújváros, Hungary)
USUE students are offered 3 places under grant for autumn term 2019.

Languages of instruction:
English (business management, PR, machine-building, computer engineering)
Language proficiency requirements: at least B2 level

Training terms:
Beginning of September – end of December
Location of the university
The city of Dunaújváros is the youngest city in Hungary, built in the 1950s of the XX century during mass industrialization. It is a large industrial center. Its population is about 50 thousand people. The city is located 80 km south of the capital of Hungary, Budapest.
About the university

The university was founded in 1761. It is the first and the only university in Dunaujvaros. Currently, the university offers 6 bachelor’s programs and 2 master's programs, which are fully taught in English. About 10% of the total number of students are foreigners.

Deadline for application:
8 May 2019 for autumn term 2019.
You can file your application to the International Cooperation Office (room 354),

by phone: 221-17-90, or to e-mail 

USUE students are offered internships abroad: in Vietnam, Germany, France.

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