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Step 1: Choose your program

Look to the right, here you can see links to our pages with information about Preparatory courses, Bachelor programs, Master programs, Exchange programs and other forms of education.

Step 2: Check the requirements

Preparatory courses

Eligibility: Preparatory courses are open for everyone who is interested in studying Russian language and pursuing degree at USUE or any other russian university. If you are planning to continue your education on the higher level please don’t forget to check additional requirements below. 


Bachelor/Master program:


  • completed course of secondary education (including colleges and vocational/technical schools) for Bachelor programs / Completed course of Bachelor / Specialist programs for Master program;
  • passed entrance exams - test in major subject and mandatory Russian language test* (the entry level of Russian language at B2-B1) (you can obtain exam schedule from our specialists).

*If the applicant has received the certificate of completion of a Russian language course (either from Ural State University of Economics Russian Language School or any other authorized institution), they can submit it instead of taking the language test.


  • Your passport scan + notarized translation into the Russian language;
  • Filled Invitation application form
  • Previous education documents (school diploma / certificate or equal) with notarized translation into the Russian language;
  • Full transcript of grades with notarized translation into the Russian language.

Note: in accordance with the Russian education standards all education documents issued in other countries should be legalized, otherwise they cannot be considered by the Admission Office.

Step 3: Apply

Fill in our online application

It might take up to few working days until our specialists contact you and request above mentioned documents.

Application procedure for exchange studies is here.