Is there any free wi-fi in campus?  

Yes, in study buildings you can find “usue_guest” network and login with authentication via phone number and sms.

Are the any mobile apps you can recommend me for better navigation in Ekaterinburg? 

Of course! First of all we recommend you to install offline map, for example 1) 2GIS (available both at App Store or Google Play) 2) Hubb - transportation app, which helps to track public transport. 3) Major taxi apps are available as well: Uber, Gett, Yandex taxi, Citymobil etc.  

I already have a study visa, because I have studied at another russian university, can I live and study at USUE with it? 

Unfortunately not, you should apply for new invitation from USUE, leave territory of Russian Federation for new visa. Every study visa is registered under specific university.

I want to study at your university. What should I do?

Please check information here. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: international@usue.ru

Medical insurance, do I need it?

Absolutely! It is required to have an insurance on the territory of Russian Federation + for your own convenience and safety it is always better to have it. Full year-length insurance that you can obtain at our Migration service costs around 6 000 rubles and covers medical insurance, medical examination required for the dormitory and physical education lessons.

I’ve sent the application, but I haven’t received any reply yet.

Our managers are doing their best to complete a big list of tasks. Please give them 48 hours (within work days). If you haven’t received any reply send a reminder to: international@usue.ru

I am studying at another university and I want to transfer, is it possible? What should I do? 

Unfortunately it is impossible to transfer, in spite that you can apply for our education program and pass our exams. In addition to that you should obtain new visa with our invitation issued for USUE. 

What are working hours of the university?  

7:30 University is opened

8:30 Start of the classes

22:00 University is closed

1 hour 30 minutes Class length

30 minutes Lunch break

10 minutes break between classes

Please don’t be late for the classes, usually in case you are late for over han 15 minutes, teacher might not allow you enter the class.