Research for Organizations

Ural State University of Economics is one of the leading research institutions in the Urals. The intellectual product of USUE scientists is fundamental and applied research and development, which are highly demanded by enterprises and public authorities.

We are pleased to offer you our intellectual developments in a wide range of areas.



USUE scientists took part in such projects as assessment of the investment climate in Sverdlovsk region municipalities, development of the concept of an industrial park in the area of Novo-Sverdlovskaya thermal power plant, development of recommendations for Uraltransmash management system, and many others.

“Regional Economics in the System of Spatial Economics” Supervised by Prof. E. Animitsa, Doctor of Geography 
“Study of Electrochemical Processes and Development of Electrochemical” Supervised by Prof. A. Brainina, Doctor of Agriculture 
“Urban Economics” Supervised by Prof. N.Vlasova , Doctor of Economics
“Theory and Methodology of the Financial and Investment Mechanism” Supervised by Prof. V. Ivanitsky, Doctor of Economics
“Macroeconomic Aspects of the World Economy and Regional Economy Development” Supervised by Prof.L. Kapustina, Doctor of Economics
“A Region in the System of World Economic Relations” Supervised by Prof. A.Maltsev, Doctor of Economics
“Monetary tools of social reproduction mechanism” Supervised by Prof. M. Maramygin, Doctor of Economics
“Social Finance” Supervised by Prof.E.Peshina, Doctor of Economics
“Stakeholder model of corporate governance focused on socially responsible development and efficient partnership between the government and business” Supervised by Prof. I. Tkachenko, Doctor of Economics
"Food Security" Supervised by Prof. M.Fedorov, Doctor of Economics 
“Innovative technologies for the formation of healthy food systems” Supervised by Prof. O. Chugunova, Doctor of Engineering
“Environmental Economics” Supervised by Prof. Ya.Yadyganov, Doctor of Economics 



  • Development of investment projects (programs) and business plans of enterprises (events) , evaluation of their economic, financial, commercial, budgetary, social, and environmental efficiency
  • Optimization of enterprise’s production program
  • Analysis of financial and economic activities of an enterprise
  • Development of projects of enterprise's cost management systems (Direct-Costing, Standard-Costing, Target-Costing, Activity Based Costing) for the production and sale of products (works, services)
  • Development and implementation of a system of budgets (budgeting) at an enterprise
  • Development of pricing strategy and pricing policy of an enterprise under the changing market conditions
  • Project development of enterprise's  organizational structure (departments, services) and its optimization
  • The introduction of the principles of "lean production"
  • Development of a strategy of foreign economic activity for an economic entity and information and consulting support for its implementation
  • Development of trade policy and mechanism for implementation of multilateral trade agreements within WTO
  • Risk assessment in the implementation of foreign economic activities of a company
  • Comprehensive analysis of foreign economic transactions, justifying the choice of the commercial transaction scheme (Incoterms, payment terms, etc.) and customs procedure that correspond to the purposes and conditions of goods moving across the customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union, taking into account their subsequent use; cost optimization at Customs clearance of the goods being moved
  • Application of the international protocol and etiquette in the search for counterparties on the company's target markets; specifics of conducting negotiations in the implementation of foreign trade activities
  • Preparation of a package of documents for a foreign economic transaction, including information and consulting support for the preparation of a foreign trade agreement (contract), analysis of commercial, shipping and transport documents for compliance with the customs legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union (including background information on measures to regulate imports and exports of goods and regulatory legal acts, listing of documents required for customs clearance of transported goods, providing references to addresses and registries of customs authorities, banks, and customs agents)
  • Development of regional programs to stimulate and support foreign economic activity in Urals regions
  • Carrying out a cycle of training and methodological workshops on key aspects of the state policy of enterprises’ foreign economic activity regulation (concerning currency, customs, tariff, non-tariff, and tax activities)
  • Evaluation of the harmonization of Russia's agrarian policy at the regional level with the terms and conditions for Russia's membership in the WTO
  • Preparation of quarterly market surveys on the status of the largest markets for agri-food raw materials and foodstuff

  • Development of payroll and incentive systems
  • Audit of the system of HR management, staff headcount, and personnel costs
  • Introduction of professional standards in the practice of working with personnel of an organization
  • Development of HR management systems: recruitment and adaptation of personnel, staff development, personnel marketing, strategy and personnel policy
  • Development and implementation of author's educational programs for advanced training and retraining for organizations of the corporate sector of the economy, companies with state participation, state and municipal bodies in the field of corporate economy, governance and corporate management, corporate risk management, program and project management, public-private partnership, business valuation , and business value management
  • Development of a strategy and long-term expansion programs for partially government-owned companies, including companies with a 100% state shareholding
  • Expertise of appraisal projects, opinions on business valuation of various economic entities
  • Development of corporate risk management systems
  • Development of corporate programs for non-financial reporting and social responsibility of business
  • Expertise of environmental projects
  • Identification, analysis and construction of business process management systems for companies
  • Consulting on the organization and management of project activities of companies and government agencies
  • Development of a project office for companies
  • Consulting on methodological support of public-private partnership projects
  • Evaluation of the company's performance in the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)


  • Advising on the choice of the taxation system and record keeping for tax purposes for small businesses
  • Consulting on the transformation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Analysis of the organization’s financial position to identify signs of bankruptcy and development of measures for financial recovery
  • Minimization of legal risks of financial and economic activity of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs
  • Development and improvement of municipal acts of local self-government bodies
  • Development of recommendations on formation and implementation of financial policies of enterprises
  • Development of recommendations for assessing the efficiency of short- and medium-term financing for economic entities

Legal affairs

  • Legal support of local self-government
  • Legal regulation of organizations' and public appeals
  • Legal issues of economic security

Management and information technologies

  • Improvement of investment and innovation policy of constituent entities of the Federation and municipalities
  • Development of documents on the implementation of administrative reform (including administrative regulations and recommendations for improving the activities of multifunctional centers for provision of state and municipal servics)
  • Sociological research
  • Designing of regional and federal programs for development of national industries
  • Development of import substitution projects and programs
  • Development of concepts for the creation and development of special economic zones, industrial parks, technoparks, agro-industrial parks, and other entities of innovation and industrial infrastructure
  • Comprehensive assessment of the investment climate (of a constituent entity of the Federation and municipaity)
  • Marketing of territories
  • Research of citizens’ consumer practices under transformational changes in socio-economic context
  • Development of strategies for diversification of companies (corporations, groups of companies )
  • Development of strategies for innovative development of companies
  • Studies of enterprises competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets
  • Marketing research
  • Research of financial and economic characteristics of enterprises
  • Analysis of companies business processes and development of recommendations for improving their efficiency
  • Valuation of business and separate assets of companies
  • Economic and mathematical modeling of economic and social processes
  • Construction and research of economic and mathematical models, mathematical modeling of economic, social and physical processes
  • Development of websites and software for enterprise management

Trade, tourism, logistics, food engineering

  • Audit and expertise of the quality of food and non-food products
  • Study of raw materials and determination of technological characteristics to search for their possible application in the production of foodstuff
  • Commodity consulting: consumer properties, quality and safety, storage and transportation
  • Development of recipes, new food technology and documentation
  • Development of logistics strategy at an enterprise
  • Improvement of procurement (distribution) logistics at an enterprise
  • Development of functional food products for various groups of population, including dedicated ones (children, patients with celiac disease, etc.)
  • Development of highly competitive food products taking into account sensory preferences of consumers
  • Restaurant consulting. Projecting with due account for  design, ergonomics and security, using IT technologies
  •  Evaluation audit and consulting services for the development of the general organizational structure of an enterprise, the responsibility matrix for production processes, and  the adjustment of goals, mission, vision and policies of an organization
  • Providing a template and consulting services for the development of the Quality Manual
  • Development of technical documentation for foods enriched with micronutrients
  • Identification of falsificated alcohol products in the consumer market
  • Development of technologies for water purification and concentration of secondary raw materials of dairy industry (milk whey)
  • Development of bakery products for functional purposes
  • Development and introduction of personnel training systems at hospitality enterprises
  • Development and introduction of personnel training systems at tourism enterprises, restaurant and hospitality business
  • Development of service standards for restaurant and hotel business enterprises
  • Monitoring of tourism and services markets in the city and in the region
  • Social and consumer monitoring of the quality and safety of food and non-food products


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