Doctoral programs

Doctoral programs

“Aspirantura” is a third stage of higher education in Russia, it is equivalent to a Ph.D in American system. Average length of the program is 4 years and after thesis (research project) defense student is awarded an academic rank “Candidate of Science”. 


  • completed Master’s degree or Specialist’s degree;
  • passed entrance exams - test in major subject and mandatory Russian language test* (the entry level of Russian language at B2) (you can obtain exam schedule from our specialists).

All below mentioned programs are in Russian language.

In order to apply for the programs and get information about further steps, please send us ( your academic CV.  

Area of study
Program title
Price for 1 academic year
Rubles US $ (19.11.19)
04.06.01 Chemical Sciences Analytical Chemistry 166600 2609
19.06.01 Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology Technology and Comodity Research of Functional and Special Purpose Food Products in Catering 166600 2609
38.06.01 Economics Economics and National Economics Management (Regional Economics; Economics, Organization and Management of Enterprises and Industrial Complexes; Logisitcs; Marketing; Management; Labour Economics; Environmental Economics) 159200 2493
38.06.01 Economics World Economics 159200 2493
38.06.01 Economics Finance, Currency and Loan 159200 2493
38.06.01 Economics Accounting and Statistics 159200 2493
38.06.01 Economics Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics 159200 2493