At the moment USUE provides foreign students with placement in 3 dormitories within the borders of Ekaterinburg. 

International cooperation department automatically books places at the dormitory for all students approved for study at USUE.

In case you don’t want to live at the dormitory, you are free to rent an apartment, but following details should not be forgotten: 

  • owner of the apartment should register you within 7 days after your arrival;
  • in case you are going to leave Ekaterinburg for a trip, owner of the apartment should register you again upon your come back;
  • prices for the apartment in the downtown usually start at 15 000 rubles.

In case you are planning to live at the dormitory, please don’t forget to respect your neighbours and follow the dormitory rules.

In each room we usually place 3 students, due to big number of applicants 2 students placing is unavailable. 

Placing for couples is available in case following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Couple is officially registered/married;
  2. USUE has enough places at the dormitory.

Dormitory price range: 1100 - 2500 rubles/month (14 -32 dollars).


Dormitory №1 - Umeltsev str., 12/A

Dormitory is equipped with shower and laundry room. 

Dormitory №2 - Umeltsev str., 12/B


Dormitory №3 - Schorsa str., 36

Kitchen, laundry room, shower and toilet are available on every floor of the dormitory

Dormitory gym

Dormitory canteen


USUE dormitory regulations and rules