Student organizations

Student life is a bright time full of adventures and new friendships. 

Your communication and networking are not limited by the study group or dormitory neighbourhood, depending on your institute, interests or hobby you can find group of students or community that might fit your interests. 

Open studio theater – O.S.T.

The name determines the characteristics of the theater. "Open" means that we are open to new people, ideas, and experiments. "Studio" means that our theater regularly conducts classes in acting and scenic speech. "Theater" means that we show plays, performances, sketches on the stage of the Recreation Center and other venues of the city, visit theatrical festivals and go on tours. For 13 years of existence, O.S.T. is a multiple winner of Russian and international festivals. In the repertoire of the theater, there are such well-known performances as "Rezo", "Marina Tsvetaeva. Things that passed", "Faryatyev's Fantasy , "We", "Match Factory", "Alisa", "Ala-ad-Din", and others. An actor in our theater is more than just an actor: he or she is an artist, a property master, an assembler, a director, a composer, a playwright, and even a little philosopher. Generally speaking, everyone is doing whatever he can! Come to us, if you wish to unlock creativity and imagination!

VK Community

Cheer-dance-show “ReActive” 

In Russia, cheerleading exists since 1996 and now is an official sport.

At USUE a cheerleading team appeared 6 years ago. The team "ReActive" participated in many cheerleading competitions in the categories "cheer-mix", "group stunts mix", "partner stunts" and has a number of awards.

Since 2012, the team is coached by Ksenia Levina (a participant of the support group "Bagira" in Moscow, a three-time champion of Russia in cheerleading).

In September 2013, a new team of the cheer-dance-show was gathered, which today consists of girls and is called "Reactive Girls". The team already participates in various competitions and takes an active part in the events of the city and the region. They are invited to grace with enchanting and incendiary numbers sporting events in Yekaterinburg, Pervouralsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and then some! We work with many well-known companies: Ural Airlines, Coca-Cola, hockey club Avtomobilist.

In 2014, the team won the title "Champions of the Urals and Siberia" in the category of cheer-dance-show at the competitions in sports cheerleading, which was a great incentive to win in the future!

VK Community