What’s in store for applicants-2024?

The first Open Day in the current academic year was held at Ural State University of Economics. Future applicants and their parents came to learn about changes in the admission rules and distinctive features of studying at USUE.


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation plans to make slight changes to the rules for admission to universities in 2024. For example, previous years, applicants could apply for admission through My Account on the university website, but in 2024 it is expected that applications from those wishing to qualify for free tuition to a bachelor’s degree program will be accepted only through the portal of Government Services. Another innovation concerns graduates of technical schools and colleges. If a graduate decides to change his training area, he or she will have to take the Unified State Exam. However, as for now, this is only a project; the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation has not yet made a decision.


Grigory Kadnikov, a 4th-year student at the Yekaterinburg Trade and Economic College, says no changes in the admission rules scare him. “I’m almost sure that I will apply to USUE to major in Production Technology and Catering Organization. This will be a continuation of my education at the college and this is the area in which I want to develop.”

Future applicants, besides changes in admission rules, were interested in the number of state-funded places. Currently, there are 500 state-funded places at USUE, but their number may increase - an application has been submitted to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. This was announced by the USUE Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Teaching Methods and Quality of Training, Dmitry Karkh. Apart from that, the vice-rector advises applicants to start preparing for admission now.

“Don’t limit yourself to just three subjects,” Dmitry Karkh said. ‘Take four, or better yet, all five exams. This will significantly increase your competitiveness. I assure you this is relevant not only for our university but also for all Russian universities.”


Today, USUE offers applicants dozens of areas of training for bachelor’s and master’s programs, postgraduate school, specialist’s degree programs, and college. Maxim Maramygin, director of the USUE Institute of Strategic Planning and Financial Analysis, stated that students who know what they want to achieve in life always attend the first Open Day at the university.

Timofey Panov, a 11th grade student at school No. 1 in Alapaevsk, is one of these. He traveled 150 kilometers to inquire about the admission requirements for the Institute of Digital Management Technologies and Information Security. Timofey has been involved in computer science Olympiads and has developed a telegram bot.

I would like to enter USUE to study Information Security,” Timofey Panov says. “I enjoy programming. I take part in Olympiads and, when in the tenth grade, I defended a project: I wrote a program for a telegram bot that can transmit weather forecasts.”

Today, over 16,000 students from 68 countries study at USUE. On the university website in the Application and Admission section you can find all the necessary information for admission to college, bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s and postgraduate programs at Ural State University of Economics.

The first Open Day in the academic year was held at USUE

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