For the twelfth time, on the eve of Mother's Day, USUE is holding the Letter to Mom event. Within three days, university students and teachers will have the opportunity to write to their dearest and beloved. And the university will make sure that the messages reach the recipients.

The event will last from November 14 to 17. In the very first hours, dozens of students decided to grab an opportunity. As in previous years, Russian students are joined by their peers from abroad, who, this year, entered the preparatory faculty for international citizens.

“I am the youngest child in our family,” a student from Turkey Kochak Ahmet Atakan explains. “Mom always supported me, hugged me if I felt bad. Of course, I love her very much, and I will be happy to send love to her.”

Ahmet's groupmate from Haiti, Honore Soraya, is enthusiastic over the USUE tradition; the girl is going to send her mother a message in verse written in her native French. Russian students keep step with foreigners.

“I have written four letters at once: to my mother, grandmothers, and aunt,” a second-year student at the USUE Institute of Economics and Finance, Olga Oshurkova, explains. “It’s great that our university has such a tradition. Anyway, mom is above all.”

The Letter to Mom campaign has been carried out by Ural State University of Economics together with the Eurasia International Center since 2011. In 2018, it was among the winning projects of the regional stage of the national competition Russian Volunteer. Besides, several times the campaign received support from the city authorities: for example, in 2021, the project won a grant from the Youth Policy Committee of the Yekaterinburg Administration, taking first place in the Youth Initiatives Bank competition.

On the eve of Mother's Day, USUE students write letters to their mothers

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