Miss USUE - 2024

Miss USUE - 2024 contest took place at Ural State University of Economics, during which seven of the most beautiful students of the university paraded, danced, sang, and presented jewelry. The winner was a USUE College student.

In 2024, the theme of the beauty contest was “Jewelry.” In the final, the contestants had to present to the audience the stones and precious metals that are used by jewelers. Tatyana Toporkova spoke about amethysts, sapphires became the topic of Ekaterina Sokolova’s speech (both girls are students at the Institute of Management, Entrepreneurship and Engineering).

Yasmina Akhmetova told the audience and jury about gold. Marianna Tiunova presented Ural gems. Yasmina and Marianna are USUE College students.

A graduate of the Department of World Economy and Foreign Economic Activity, Anisa Drobysheva, spoke about diamonds. Anastasia Podgorbunskikh, a third-year student at the Institute of Economics and Finance, presented rubies.

The presentation of Victoria Seliverstova, a student at the USUE Center for Parallel and Further Education, was dedicated to diamonds.

Besides, the contestants presented their video IDs to the jury and viewers, describing their hobbies, achievements, and main aspirations in life.

Then the girls demonstrated a collection of exclusive clothes by fashion designer Ekaterina Stepanova, as well as an evening collection of jewelry by designer Polina Dots.

The creative competition became a really bright show: contenders for the title “Miss USUE” filled the hall with songs and dances, read their poems and even played the violin.

The jury comprised Alla Yavorskaya, director of USUE House of Culture, Olga Smetanina, President of the Club of Public Initiatives, assistant to the State Duma deputy, organizer of the “Woman of the Year of the Sverdlovsk region” Award, Yaroslav Borodin, a theater and film actor and USUE partner, Polina Dets, jewelry designer, laureate of the Aral Style - 2023 award, and Alexander Golikov USUE honorary graduate, vice-president of the Alumni Association, a managing partner of the Study World group of companies, a partner of the university, which from the first contest has been an honorary member of the jury of the Miss USUE beauty contests.


The jury awarded the title “Miss USUE-2024” to the youngest participant - a 16-year-old first-year student of USUE College, Yasmina Akhmetova. Yasmina is a prospective specialist in the banking sector.

“I ran my program several times, and, in my opinion, each time it got better and better, so during the final I was confident in myself. At the creativity competition, I showed my vocal abilities to the composition of Shakira. I would like to add that there was no rivalry between us, the participants in the contest. Behind the scenes, we all supported each other.” Yasmina shared her impressions.

The girl is going to wear her fame with dignity. She plans to study successfully and, of course, to take part in the Miss Yekaterinburg contest. By the way, Yasmina as a model has already won the Sochi Model Camp competition, the main prize of which was participation in Fashion Week in Moscow.

During the award ceremony, the jury awarded the participants of Miss USUE - 2024 three other crowns: Anisa Drobysheva became the First Vice-Miss, Marianna Tiunova became the Second Vice-Miss, and Anastasia Podgorbunskikh became Miss Audience Choice.

The contest had some other nominations that emphasized the individuality of each participant: in the nomination “Miss Perfection” the jury distinguished Anastasia Podgorbunskikh, in the nomination “Miss Uniqueness” - Yasmina Akhmetova, in the nomination “Miss Elegance” - Marianna Tiunova, “Miss Inspiration” - Victoria Seliverstova, “Miss Charm” - Anisa Drobysheva, “Miss Style” - Tatyana Toporkova, “Miss Artistry” - Ekaterina Sokolova.

The support teams of the contestants created a bright, festive atmosphere in the USUE House of Culture during the finals. The most active were the Yasmina Akhmetova’s fans.

“The show turned out to be bright and confirmed the high creative potential of the students of Ural State University of Economics. The girls showed not only the intelligence of future economic managers but also their beauty and uniqueness. I believe our participants can for sure compete in world beauty contests,” Alla Yavorskaya, the organizer of “Miss USUE ”, director of the USUE House of Culture, told us after the award ceremony.

The beauty contest has been held at Ural State University of Economics for 17 years and has already become one of the most beautiful traditions presentations of the university. 

A prospective banking specialist received the title of beauty queen

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