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Today, two cooperation agreements were signed: between USUE and the Institute of Training and Development Technologies (St. Petersburg), and between USUE and the Middle Urals Development Corporation.

The friendly alliance was concluded by the heads of the organizations: USUE rector Yakov Silin, director of the Institute of Training and Development Technologies (St. Petersburg) Aleksei Abolmasov, and general director of the Middle Urals Development Corporation, Andrei Misyura.

“We are documenting cooperation with those who are willing to build partnerships and improve education processes. St. Petersburg has its own rich experience, and the Urals has its own. By combining our efforts, we will enhance the training of young specialists and better address modern challenges,” said USUE rector Yakov Silin.

As part of the agreement with a partner from St. Petersburg, it is planned to develop and implement joint educational programs, startups, projects, and scientific research.

The agreement with the Middle Urals Development Corporation provides for mutually beneficial cooperation within the research entrepreneurial ecosystem Cosmos in Yekaterinburg. Its main focuses are designing and making high-tech products, developing human resources, and creating a favorable environment for business, science, and education.

Two cooperation agreements were signed at once.

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