We Russians don’t leave our own behind!

A batch of humanitarian aid collected by USUE students and teachers has arrived in Donbass. October 20, the university sent warm clothes, shoes, toiletries, food, and UAZ-462 to the Northern Military District zone. The car has already been handed over to field doctors.

USUE became one of the first Russian universities to support the special military operation. Since March 2022, the Office of Social Work of Ural State University of Economics has run a headquarters for receiving humanitarian aid. During its work, 6.2 tons of cargo were collected.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, USUE students and staff traveled to Mariupol and Lugansk as volunteers, worked at hospitals, and helped wounded soldiers who were undergoing treatment.

“The special military operation is taking place to protect the interests of the state and each Russian. Our Ural can stand for its own people like the rest of Russia,” USUE rector Yakov Silin emphasizes. “We send good news from the Urals to Donbass and help the soldiers bring victory closer. The work does not stop even for a minute. Now we are overcoming difficulties together, and soon, I am sure, we will celebrate victory, also shoulder to shoulder.”

USUE helps Donbass not only with goods and products. The humanitarian mission is no less important: the integration of new territories into the life of Russia. In this regard, USUE has been helping Donbass for 8 years. In 2015, cooperation with universities in Donetsk and Lugansk began: representatives of higher educational institutions of Donbass were invited to take part in scientific and practical events and to exchange experience. Residents of new territories regularly come to Yekaterinburg. For example, last year, USUE organized a big fest for them - a bright New Year’s performance. And in summer, our university became a site of the federal project “University Sessions”: 20 teenagers from the Kherson region came to get acquainted with the culture and history of the Urals. 

Relief consignments collected by USUE students and teachers have arrived in Donbass

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