Interview of the USUE Rector Yakov Silin to the radio Komsomolskaya Pravda Yekaterinburg

- Yakov Petrovich, good afternoon! The enrollment campaign in universities is going on. Since Ural State University of Economics is a kind of showpiece in this respect, let us talk about the dates and statistics of the enrollment campaign.

 - I'll tell you first about the stages of the enrollment campaign. July 26, the nationwide deadline for accepting applications for state-funded bachelor’s places. In August, the receipt of applications for education on a fee-paying basis will continue.

July 27 at 12:00, the lists of applicants for state-funded training will be published. These lists will not be amended or supplemented.

The first stage of enrollment for full-time state-funded training is 29 July. On this day, orders for enrollment of applicants within the special quota and within the quota of the target admission are made up.

August 1 at 18:00, the reception of original documents for state-funded places ends.

August 3 is the main (second) stage of enrollment to full-time state-funded training. On this day, 80% are enrolled among those who submitted original documents.

During the third stage, August 8, the enrollment will be held for the remaining 20% places among those who filed original documents (deadline for submission of originals is 6 August to 18:00).

Enrollment for extramural programs will be held on August 18 at 16:00. Those who did not pass to full-time state-funded places can take part in the competition for extramural programs in the selected areas of training.In this case, you must apply for extramural education. The deadline for submission documents for extramural state-funded places is July 31.

Enrollment for Master's programs will be held on August 17, documents should be submitted by  5 August.

- Do I understand correctly that the majority of applicants submit documents for state-funded places and just to be safe - for fee-paying places?

 - As a rule, it is so. It should be taken into account that when submitting documents for state-funded places on full-time bachelor’s programs , an entrant can apply for three areas of  main competitive places. However, he or she will be enrolled at only one.

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Yakov Silin on the air told about the course of the admission campaign.

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